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Here is the end of this long work unworkable without help of my friend Francisco, computerly close. It is the truth of the texts which prevails by the frequent and broad quotations, images, practical notes. As far as I know no biography was dedicated to him. I would have agreed to make it complete : I leave with regret for example his manuscript about the trip to Canada and neglect here and there to emphasize his glance visionary of the future. In addition, one will not collect there literary satisfactions (my surgical background does not favor it) nor thesis commitments. How would I like, in any case the reader meets there, as I did, this kind of joy in discovering the value at others ! At the end of this retrospective on the life of Jacques Jules Garnier, I look backward and I see an admiring practice there at the same time a duty of memory for a so accomplished man and a life.


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I lengthily went on with him and in his texts, and by reading his mail, looking at his objects, photographs, drawings, of his manuscripts, those of the only son who survived to him. I almost felt his grieves, the arrogances, incomprehension, treasons of any life. I found at his place just what it is necessary of pride in an existence. I liked the look and the tribute he gives as well to the kanaks as to the workmen and to mining engineers who risked with him their lifes for his invaded country i.e. this human component, honest of the character. At last, I have often felt some gratitude for him, for this house he has left to every one, where generations (among others, the present one) have found their happy roots… this house, one confuses himself with it, specially my wife to which this book is dedicated…

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